It's Toy Soul 2014 in Hong Kong this weekend, and that means there's amazing new toys to be seen from some of Asia's best collectibles makers. Here's some of the amazing new toys from the likes of Sentinel, ThreeZero, Hot Toys and more at the event.

Header Image Credit: Hot Toy's upcoming Thanos 1/6th figure, complete with giant throne. Via Toy-People


Hot Toys went big at Toy Soul this year, bringing not just Star Wars figure reveals, but a huge blowout of Marvel toys, including a complete reveal of their Avengers: Age of Ultron lineup:

Cap, Tony and Thor! Image via

Hulk, Widow and Hawkeye! Love love love that Hawkeye jacket, which looks way better on the toy than it does in the movie. And check out Natasha's wrist weapons, and those stun batons! Image via

Oh my god, they're doing a Hulkbuster. Take it away, Wedge. Image via Toy-People

It wasn't just the Avengers making Marvel's presence felt at Hot Toy's booth. An entire plinth dedicated to their new, incredible Baby Groot - out next month! Image via

ThreeZero's Commander Shepard. Still my favourite Toy on the Citadel. Image via Toy News International

ThreeZero also brought a prototype of their 22" Chappie figure, too. A really cool toy of a cool looking robot. Image via Toy News International

ACI's Fellowship of the Ring figures. Look at that glorious Aragorn hair. Image via Plastic Enemies

Sentinel brought some lovely figures, including some Attack on Titan statues. Check out that prototype Rogue Titan! Image via Plastic Enemies.

And their convention exclusive version of their Bleeding Edge Iron Man. It's beautiful. Image via Plastic Enemies.

Kids Logic's line of adorable chibi figures with their gigantic heads might just run off with my wallet. So cute! Optimus new and old both look lovely. Image via Plastic Enemies.


Batman's Tumbler from Soap, looking lovely. I have no idea who the chap in front of it is meant to be though... Edit: The keen-eyed KevSmart points out it's Bruce when he first suits up in Batman Begins. Thanks! Image via Plastic Enemies

And back to Hot Toys for Star Wars goodness. Hot Toys are now the official distributor for Sideshow Collectibles in Asia, so their range of Star Wars premium format statues were well represented. Image via

But the real stars here were Hot Toy's own new Star Wars range, including the recently revealed 1/4 Scale Boba Fett! Image via Plastic Enemies

But even better were the first official reveals of the next figures in the 1/6 line - Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi from A New Hope. Image via Toy-People

Can't have a Darth Vader without a few 1/6 scale Stormies, can you? Image via Toy-People

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