Everything You Should Know About the History of Typography

Lettering is everywhere and chances are that you, dear Gizmodo reader, have at least some idea of what font it's all written in. But the typographical arts have a long, rich history, full of subtle changes and evolutions. And the devil's in the details.


This neat little stop-motion primer by Ben Barrett-Forrest will help you brush up on all jazz, or maybe learn about it for the first time. Strap on your serifs. [Reddit]



Well I've always been interested in the aesthetics of typefaces so thank you for this nice and concise video.

One question however: I recently purchased a Kindle Paperwhite and I have tried the several fonts but I have noticed two things:

- I simply cannot read a book with a sans serif font. I keep on rereading the same line twice, have difficulty focusing on the story and find it really hard to "get in the zone"

- If I'm reading articles on my iPhone or Kindle, it HAS to be with a sans serif font. I find it that I simply cannot retain the information if there are serifs...

This is all very strange to me and I was wondering if anyone else has been experiencing this? On my computer I always use a custom CSS sheet using "Avenir" which is by far my favourite typeface for clarity and comfort reading...

Let me know if this all sounded strange or if you can somehow relate to it, bonus points to anyone who can provide an explanation... ;)