ExiTool: A More Practical Approach To Escaping Your Automobile

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Here are a few things you don't have time to do when your car plunges into an icy lake: remove a Leatherman multitool from your glove compartment; unfold it; cut through your seatbelt; refold it; smash through your window.


Thankfully there's the ExiTool, a clever little gadget that attaches to your seat belt for quick access when your shit goes "glug, glug, glug." It includes a high-carbon stainless steel slicer, a tungsten carbide smasher, and, just for good measure, an LED light.

Sure, having an open blade attached to your seat belt all the time isn't ideal, but it's definitely more ideal than being trapped in your car at the bottom of some murky body of water.

The ExiTool will be available soon for $27, so if you're the type of person that worries about this thing it's probably a worthwhile investment. [CRKT via The Awesomer]


As a paramedic, I always cringe when I see this sort of thing...

If you are in bad car accident, the best thing to do is STAY IN YOUR SEAT IN THE CAR!

Unless the car is on fire, sinking in the water, or on a train track, remaining in the the car is the safest place to be. The forces in a major car crash is enough to sever vertabrae or rattle your brain around your skull like the ball bearing in a paint can. Getting up and walking around can exacerbate this damage.

In my 11 years as a paramedic I have NEVER seen a car accident where this thing would have been needed. Companies selling this sort of thing are usually just taking advantage of people's fear of "what ifs?|