Finally, a Sleep Tracker You Don't Have to Wear

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There can be many reasons why you're not getting a good night's sleep, and a sleep tracker can help ensure it's not your bedroom to blame. But who wants to head to bed with a device strapped to your wrist, or hiding under your pillow? ResMed's new S+ sits out of the way on your bedside table, but is still able to keep tabs on how restful your evening was, and make suggestions on how to better your sleep.

Using a myriad of built-in sensors, the S+ not only keeps track of the motion of your chest, which indicates deep or shallow breathing, it also records the ambient light, noise, and temperature of your bedroom while you slumber. All of that data is then made available on your iOS or Android device which then makes it easy to spot correlations between the conditions and your level and stages of sleep.


So if in the middle of the night the accompanying app indicates you start tossing and turning when the furnace kicks in, it might be time to turn down the heat before you head to bed. You're even assigned a sleep score which takes all of that data into consideration, including your age, to rate how well you slept overnight.

And if you're finding it hard to just drift off in the first place, the $150 S+ (available mid-October) can even serve as a noise generator, matching its sounds to your breathing rate to help calm and relax you—better than a warm glass of milk ever could. [ResMed]