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Finally, a Twitter App for Mac OS Classic

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The fact that Grackle68k exists is wonderful for two reasons:

First, and most obvious, is because it makes for a bizarre juxtaposition between the ancient OS 9 (or OS 8, or Systems 6 and 7) and Twitter, and self-consciously modern online service that would've seemed ridiculous in the age of the Bondi Blue iMac. And second, because the tiny slice of the population who still earnestly uses OS 9 is either clinically paranoid, hasn't read a software review since the year 2000, or is stuck with a 10-year-old desktop by some truly bizarre or unfortunate circumstance, all of which would make for some top-rate tweeting.


See you on Tweetmeme, @ClintonLied_Y2K, and @Ivebeenlockedinthebasementagainstmywillsinceiwas4! [ via Gartenberg's Twitter]