What Would Be Different About A Baby Born In Space?

Astronauts are usually pretty busy while they're off planet so there hasn't been a lot of time to, um, look into this stuff, but it's unclear whether humans can procreate in weightless conditions. Apparently, you can't just march into space like you own it and do whatever you want.


Vsauce is taking on the question by looking at how a baby born in space would, or problematically wouldn't, develop things like balance, vision and motion awareness. Being in a womb in space could also affect blood production, spine length, bone mass and heart strength. And everything else. Overall the Vsauce message is that humans are pretty scrappy, but ill-equipped for a weightless life. Look, we evolved for Earth conditions, okay? One thing at a time. [Vsauce]


First thing I thought of for some reason:

"Well, what about Shepard? He's a Spacer, lived aboard starships most of his life."