Five Ways to Get More Instagram Likes (According to Masses of Data)

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You might not choose to admit it, but you probably feel a little bit warm and fuzzy inside when people like your Instagram posts. Hey, that's natural. But if you want to embrace it, then new research suggests that there are a few ways you can improve your chances of getting a like.


A study carried out by folks at Curlate, which analyzed a massive pool of 8 million Instagram posts against 30 image parameters, has thrown up some pretty interesting results for those trying to score more likes. Apparently, you need to make sure your images are predominantly blue, spaciously cropped, bright and mildly desaturated.

In fact, images made up of predominantly one color fair better than average on the site, but those that are predominantly blue win out—getting 24 percent more attention. But hey, you didn't come here for wafty handwaving, you came for detail. So, the five biggest factors in boosting the number of likes a photo gets are, apparently:

  • Dominance of a single color, preferably blue
  • Brightness in the 65-80 percent range
  • A recognizable background (i.e. don’t crop tightly)
  • Mild desaturation, like what you get with the “Walden” or “Rise” filters
  • Uploaded via Twitter

So, go forth, photograph, Instagram, and reap the benefits. And maybe post us some images that fit these specs here and we'll tell you how good we think they are. [Peta Pixel, Daily Mail]


Funny, because I don't use filters and the like, it often surprises me which images garner the most attention e.g. this one taken yesterday. It isn't anything spectacular. Now I know why; it fits most of those parameters.

I would be more interested in the affect of others things on likes, say cat content or extreme use of hash tags.