Flexible 19-Inch E-Paper Will be Mass-Produced by LG

Illustration for article titled Flexible 19-Inch E-Paper Will be Mass-Produced by LG

Samsung may've ditched the e-paper production business, but South Korean neighbor LG has throw its weight behind producing that 19-inch flexible e-paper we heard about a few months back. A 9.7-inch color e-paper screen is also in the works.


LG's going to be "mass producing" the two screens, according to an SEC filing dug up by PC World, and even with Amazon boss Jeff Bezo's comments that a color Kindle is "still some ways out," we all know that it's inevitable.

That 19-inch monochrome e-paper fascinates me, however. With broadsheet newspapers coming it at around 22-inches in size, a 19-inch e-paper newspaper could be just the ticket for that futuristic dream we all share. Supposedly the 19-incher weighs just 130g and measures 0.3mm thick.

Of course, a little thing such as cost and battery life wouldn't dare get in the way of such a dream now, would it? [SEC via PC World via Softpedia]


Why exactly is this better than an iPad or Kindle?

Maybe for specialized uses (replacement for engineering blueprints perhaps) but not for everyday reading. No thanks.