Nikon's LD-1000 LED movie light is an inexpensive, portable lighting solution that could make shooting video with company's Nikon 1 mirrorless cameras a lot easier. The always-on light mounts to your camera and keeps the scene in front of you continuously illuminated with what Nikon promises is a natural-looking, diffuse white glow.

The LD-1000 attaches to your camera's tripod mount on a simple bracket. If you want to get crazy with your lighting angles, you can remove the bracket and hand-hold the light. Besides working with Nikon 1 cameras, the new light can also be mounted on Nikon's advanced point-and-shoot cameras like the Coolpix A.

Roving videographers frequently rely on LED panels to keep light on their subjects when setting up a full lighting kit is impractical. For Nikon 1 users, the LD-1000 is a good substitute for a more expensive lighting solution—and it's definitely better than no light at all. Sure, this light probably won't achieve professional results and your videos might end up looking a little Blair Witch Project, but for $100, it's a nice tool for your camera bag.