For Your Convenience, a Joker Spoiler Discussion Zone

Joaquin Phoenix plays Joker in Joker.
Joaquin Phoenix plays Joker in Joker.
Photo: Warner Bros.

Everyone has been talking about Todd Phillips’ Joker for so long it feels like it’s been out for weeks. As you know though, that’s not the case. It finally opened this week, and now everyone has an opportunity to weigh in on one of the most anticipated, scrutinized, and controversial films in recent memory.


We reviewed the film a few weeks back and think there’s a lot to discuss with it. In fact, maybe there’s too much. But that’s where this post comes in. Here’s your chance to discuss the film with like-minded fans who’ve seen it, know what happens, and are ready to break it down.

Of course, there’s also the added coverage about potential violence breaking out at theaters because of the film. So, safety in the theater and your theatrical experience is also something worth discussing.

In the comments below, feel free to get into all that. Discuss what the movie meant to you. What you think the movie meant to say? Did you like the ways it connected to a larger universe, or do you think the film is best kept as its own, isolated character story? Did you sympathize with Arthur throughout or did you hate him by the end? What did you think about Joaquin Phoenix’s performance? Was Phillips able to shock you with his violence and was that warranted?

Again, there’s so, so much to discuss with Joker and we hope you do just that below. And since this is a SPOILER DISCUSSION POST, here’s one of these:

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Wait to catch it on a streaming service. Depressing nihilistic movie that did a poor job of making the protagonist likeable or relatable. Seeing how the protagonist is the Joker, this is a major issue. The Thomas Wayne stuff all seemed forced so the movie could have a few “wink wink hey this is a Batman story” moments. The ending Wanye family stuff especially felt tacked on.

Other problems include the 80s setting with current problems/attitudes (occupy wallstreet/anonymous movement but clowns) and the VHS virol video (what the actual fuck). Also, the high society wealthy go to the theater to watch black and white Charlie Chaplin movies because...reasons? The complete lack of dark humor makes me think the director took his queues from Snyder rather than Nolan, who has already proven to be a god awful influence on these stories. On top of all of this, Phoenix makes the Joker a simple everyman rather than a tortured genius. Hard to make the leap that this is an origin story to the villain who becomes Batman’s most diabolical foe.

This is not a good movie.