Ford Puts Voice-Activated IFTTT In Your Dashboard

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IFTTT is a simple yet powerful way to put your digital stuff to work making your life easier, automatically. Now, thanks to a collaboration with Automatic, drivers of some 2011 or newer Ford vehicles can summon IFTTT with the push of a steering-wheel button.

Earlier this year, Automatic introduced a $100 dongle that plugs into your car's OBD-II data port, allowing you to concoct IFTTT recipes that react to your driving habits, location, or mechanical malfunctions that trigger your car's Check Engine light. IFTTT's open architecture allows for some nifty integrations:


Those integrations are great, but they're pretty much set-it-and-forget-it. What if you want an IFTTT recipe you can summon on-demand? If you drive a Ford equipped with the SYNC voice-activated infotainment system, and you've got both an iPhone, and Automatic's under-dash Bluetooth dongle, now you can.

The new SYNC update gives Automatic-using Ford drivers the ability to trigger IFTTT recipes using their car's built-in voice activation button. That means you can manually send messages, turn your smart appliances on or off, or basically do anything else IFTTT-able, right from your driver's seat.


Just, please, don't try to suss out your IFTTT recipes while you're driving.

Image modified from Shutterstock / Art Konovalov