"Friends" Throw Guy Overboard Right Next to a Shark, Because That's Funny

This practical joke could have turned into tragedy: watch as some "friends" throw a guy out of a boat after seeing a shark in the distance. As they approach it, the animal turns around and goes straight to get him, just a fraction of a second before he gets back into the boat.


Of course, his "friends" start laughing hysterically, probably realizing that they almost killed the guy. I would have start smashing their faces with the wakeboard until they were bleeding to death, then throw them overboard. Instead, the guy laughs too, probably glad that half of his body is not in that shark's belly.

Or maybe they are laughing because it's all a joke on us, but I don't think so. The entire thing looks real, don't you think. [YouTube via Bildschirmarbeiter]

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I heard if you poop your wetsuit, sharks leave you alone. That has got to be what happened here. However, me pooping my pants watching this, while sitting in my chair has no cool result... please excuse me, I have to clean this shit up.