From Concept to Product: Asus' G73 Core i7 Stealth Gaming Laptop

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Last CES, Asus unveiled a ridiculous—and ridiculously cool—laptop concept called Airo. It was razor-thin, boldly styled, and most importantly, interesting. Today, they've unveiled the final product—the G73—and it's... a Core i7 gaming laptop, with some extra edges.


There's nothing expressly wrong with Asus' new number; actually, it's a solid option, if you're into desktop replacement laptops. It's got:

• backlit keyboard
• rear to front cooling vents
• 1080P screen
• ATI Mobility HD5870 with 1GB RAM
• BD option
• And of course, a Core i7 processor.


Again, it's fine, but it's no Airo: this is a perfect example of how a product goes from optimistic concept to generic product line-filler, in a single year. The stealth concept, originally oozing with sex, has morphed into a derivative stealth bomber tribute.

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