Star Wars Paintbrush is a lo-fi re-imagining of a Galaxy far, far away

Star Wars art is always cool, especially when talented artists are using its imagery to make awesome things. But what happens when you take Star Wars and render it through 20 year old hardware?


Two brothers have started the Star Wars Paintbrush Tumblr, a project dedicated to posting a new piece of artwork every day of locations ships and events from the Star Wars movies and expanded fiction until Episode VII releases - with a bit of a twist. They're making them entirely in Microsoft paint.

Not just any version of Microsoft Paint either, but as the Tumblr name implies, Paintbrush for Windows 3.1, the predecessor to the modern Paint program installed on modern Windows PCs across the world today. Paintbrush 3.1 is old enough that it was actually the first ever version of Paint to feature colour. So the challenge isn't just to use such a simple program to create art, but using a practically archaic form of it as well.

EDIT: It's actually, as Collex points out in the comments below, that these are the pictures from the brother's childhood printed out and scanned in, not images being created today through old software.


There's something oddly charming about the lo-fi nature of the pictures - it almost looks like you're playing imaginary versions of retro Star Wars PC games, with all the pixellation and vector-styled imagery. At times, there is something quite artsy about it too, like this image of Luke's Photon torpedoes striking true in the Death Star's exhaust port.


You can check out more Paint-art at the link below.

[Star Wars Paintbrush]

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