Fuck this:

Fuck this, too:

Fuck this tweet in particular:

Fuck the litany of senseless tweets from companies trying to capitalize on the movie reference. Fuck the companies like Pepsi and Nike who are miraculously still squeezing relevance out of their product placements, decades after the film’s release. Fuck the marketers trying to trick you into thinking you can buy a functional hoverboard. Fuck the PR people who’ve sent a million pitches in a half-hearted attempt at using Back to the Future Day as a peg for their client’s own shitty products. And for good measure, fuck the bloggers who are all writing the “What Back to the Future II Got Right About 2015” post and dropping SEO-pandering tags like “World Series” into their code. Fuck all that noise.

Like so many others, I’m ready for Back to the Future Day to be over. It’s not even lunch time, and I’m ready to power down this hype machine and go walk in the park and look at blades of grass like I’m Ralph Waldo Emerson or something. The real future (and past) is imposing and exciting enough.

Oh, and fuck this, too:

Image via Flickr / Gizmodo.

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