Everyone has a cartoon that reminds them of childhood, so let's celebrate that by discussing all the TV shows or movies that bring us back to a simpler time. In the comments, be sure to include a picture, the name of the cartoon, and why it remains so special to you.

My pick is the Angry Beavers, which aired on Nickelodeon from 1997-2001. As for why; well, this show just takes me back to that classic Saturday morning, posted up on the couch with my brother and dad. And even though there were a lot of other great cartoons on TV at the time, none was as varied or laugh-out-loud hilarious as the adventures of Dagget and Norbert. And it actually still cracks me up to this day.


Now that I've probably made myself seem painfully young, let's see what you all have? I'm guessing a lot of classic Looney Toons, Transformers, stuff like that.