Gadget Deals of the Day

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If you are looking to buy more Xmas presents after Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Dumbass Tuesday, and Boring Wednesday, you came to the right place: Get discounted games, TVs, digital cameras, and MP3 players in our Gadgets Deals of the Day.


Stranglehold on PS3 for $9.99 plus free shipping (originally $20.99).
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed on Wii for $25.98 (originally $49.99 - valid only on 12/04).
Guitar Hero III Wireless Kramer Bundle (Game and Guitar) on PS2 for $29.99 plus free shipping (originally $49.99 - use coupon code "SAVE20").
Trauma Center: New Blood on Wii for $14.95 (originally $29.99).
Sonic Riders Zero Gravity on Wii for $14.99 plus free shipping (originally $29.99).

Home Entertainment:
Dynex 42'' Flat-Panel 1080p LCD HDTV for $597.99 (originally $699.99).
Sharp Aquos 65'' 1080p LCD HDTV for $2,995 (originally $4,999 - use coupon code "AFLSHP2995").
Cyber Acoustics 3-Piece Deluxe Speaker System for $14.99 (originally $34.99).

Computing Peripherals:
MiMo UM-710, 730, 740 Secondary Displays for $10 off pre-order (use coupon code "GIZMODO4LIFE").
IZ3D 22'' Widescreen 3D Gaming LCD Monitor for $369.99 plus free shipping (originally $399.99 - use coupon code "EMCBCAEAD" - valid until 12/10).

Personal Portables:
SanDisk Sansa e280 8GB MP3 Player for $52.24 (originally $139.99 - use this coupon).
Sony Walkman 8GB MP3 Player for $79.99 (originally $159.99).
Canon Vixia HF100 HD SD Camcorder for $518 (originally $799.99).
Nikon D40 SLR Digital Camera Kit with 18-55mm & 55-200mm Lens for $454.90 plus free shipping (originally $699.90).

TiVo Cookie Cutter for $0.



Platypus Man

Just ordered a free TiVo cookie cutter. Awesome. I love Hobomodo...