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With all this free cologne (for the men), chocolates (for the ladies), condoms (for the men and ladies), needles (for your enemies), and other cheap gadgets, I'm going to attempt to be Bond—James Bond—today.

Computers and Laptops:
20'' iMac with Intel Core 2 Duo Processor and 2GB RAM for $999.99 (normally $1,199.99 - use this rebate form).
Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Intel Atom Netbook for $199 (normally $249).
Lenovo IdeaPad S100 Ultra Portable Netbook for $299.99 plus free shipping (normally $329.99 - use this rebate form).
ASUS Eee PC Intel Atom 9'' Widescreen Netbook for $288.95 plus free shipping (normally $299.00).
Dell Vostro 220 Desktop Core 2 Duo Mini Tower plu 19'' Flat Panel for $419 (normally $829).

Computing Peripherals:
Acer 22'' Widescreen LCD Monitor for $149.99 plus free shipping (normally $199.99 - use coupon code EMCLPNR68).
2TB Cavalry Hard Drive Array for $209.99 plus free shipping (normally $239.99).
Hitachi Travelstar 320GB Hard Drive for $49.99 plus free shipping (normally $59.99 - use this rebate form).
OCZ 4GB Dual Channel Memory Kit for $24.99 plus free shipping (normally $69.99 - use this rebate form and coupon code EMCLPNR33).


Xbox 360 Resident 5 Elite Red Console & Game Bundle for $319.99 plus free shipping (normally $399.99 - use promo code Z0WPL1J0CC3W47).
Rock Band Complete Bundle on PS2 for $69.99 plus free shipping (normally $99.99)
Bourne Conspiracy on Xbox 360 for $16.99 (normally $59.99).
Assassin's Creed Director's Cut Edition on PC for $10 (normally $19.99).
Devil May Cry on Xbox 360 for $17.50 plus free shipping (normally $29.99).
Lost on Xbox 360 for $9.99 plus free shipping (normally $19.99).
Haze on PS3 for $13.99 plus free shipping (normally $19.99).
John Woo Present Stranglehold on PS3 for $9.99 plus free shipping (normally $29.99).

Home Entertainment:
Sony BDP-S300 Blu-ray Disc Player (refurbished) for $149.99 (normally $199.99).
James Bond Ultimate Collector's Set (42-discs) on DVD for $89.95 plus free shipping (normally $289.98 - valid today only).

Personal Portables and Peripherals:
Canon PowerShot A1000 IS 10MP Digital Camera for $118.74 plus free shipping (normally $149.99 - use coupon code T7DJTNQ21PS33B).
Magellan RoadMate 1200 GPS Navigation System for $89.99 (normally $119.99).
Energizer Energi To Go iPod/iPhone Battery Charger (2-pack) for $14.99 (normally $49.98 - valid today only).
iPhone and iPod Travel Chargers for $0.99 (normally $3.15 - use coupon code newichargers. Valid through 3/31).


Digital Alcohol Breath Tester Keychain for $4.99 plus free shipping (normally $7.99).
USB Coffee Warmer with LED Indicator light for $6.99 plus free shipping (normally $12.99).
La Crosse Technology 10'' Atomic Analog Clock for $6.78 (normally $19.95).
99 "Perfectly Relaxing Songs" for $0.99 (normally $98.01).


Mystery Gift (a condom perhaps?) from Seduction Coaching for $0.
All American Stetson Cologne Sample for $0.
1-year Subscription to Interview Magazine for $0.
1-year Subscription to Conde Nast Traveler Magazine for $0.
Six issues to Seventeen Magazine for $0.
Dogs and Cats Bookmark from The New Yorker for $0.
Cotonelle Toilet Paper Sample for $0.
Harvey Danger's "Little by Litte" Album MP3 download for $0 (normally $12).
Needles from Groton City Sewing Machines for $0.
Red Dress Pin from the American Heart Association for $0.
Pet N Shape Doggy Treat Sample for $0.
Arm & Hammer Advance White Toothpaste Sample for $0.
Trey Songz poster from Atlantic Records for $0 (Trey who?!).
Quentin Ulrich Gift Bundle including 3-Pack of Lindt truffles, a DVD of secret recipes and a coupon booklet for $0.

*A note about the Friends $85 DVD deal on 3/11 (from The DVDs turned out to be cheap Chinese counterfeit ones—the DVDs themselves still might work, but the box set was apparently not an official one. Please be aware of deadlydeals, and buy at your own discretion—we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. [Thanks Corey.]


[Thanks GamerHotline, DealNews, SlickDeals, TechDealDigger, Fat Wallet and Bargainist.]

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320 for the xbox360 elite Resident Evil bundle? Crap...I bought two of those this week.