Gadgets Available Today

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Today's list of available gadgets features tools for audio and photography enthusiasts. Nikon continues their release streak with a lens update, and Samson is shipping a portable microphone that's perfect for both quality field recordings and Skype chats.

Samson's Go Mic is a portable condenser microphone that suits recording technicians and consumers alike. The mic features selectable cardioid and omni-directional pickup patterns along with a convenient base that can clip on to a laptop display. Electrostatic mics may not traditionally fare well against the kinds of bumps and jolts that laptop bags experience, but for anyone looking to capture that breathy condenser sound on the road without carrying around your treasured Neumann, this could be a great option. Ships today for $59.


• Chalk up yet another rumor from the leaked Nikon roadmap as true. Even though the Nikon AF-S 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR II lens wasn't expected to be announced until October, it showed up for pre-order today. The lens makes a number of improvements over its predecessor, but those tweaks don't come cheap. This baby will run you $2,400 and hopefully ships soon. Check out Nikon Rumors for the full specs and a list of locations where you can pre-order.