Gadgets Available Today

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There's plenty of laptop love in today's available gadgets. Maingear has a new powerful rig in a portable form factor, and Newertech has a battery charger for anyone looking to keep multiple MacBook batteries topped off.

• Maingear introduced the eX-L 15 today, the little brother to the monster eX-L 18. The eX-L 15 may not feature all of the eX-L 18's goodies, but the little(r) guy's Core 2 Duo processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX260m still pack a punch. There is one area where the 15" version absolutely beats its 18" counterpart: cost. The eX-L 15 starts at $1,899, a full $1,100 off the the eX-L 18's starting price. [Maingear via Electronista]


• Newertech's Intelligent Battery Charging Stations for unibody 13" MacBooks and 15" MacBook Pros ship today. The stations feature two charging bays. The first simply charges while the second both "charges and conditions." Newertech claims this conditioning voodoo will extend the life of the battery by maintaining its health over time, but the real draw here is being able to conveniently juice up two batteries at once. Keep in mind this station is only compatible with 13" and 15" MacBooks shipped prior to June 2009. Newer models without user-replaceable batteries are (obviously) incompatible. Available now for $150. [Newertech via MacNN]