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Gadgets Available Today

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The gadgets launching today will satisfy everyone from pill poppers to Trek junkies. The new internet enabled GlowCaps will help keep tabs on what drugs need to be taken while the Myvu Crystal EV provides the entertainment in between doses.

• Vitality is launching a new internet enabled version of their GlowCap prescription reminder system. Patients attach the device on to the top of their prescription bottles, and GlowCap will give a light and sound alert when the drugs should be taken. The new GlowCaps connect to an included wireless home system that sends out information to caregivers giving them a detailed log of what medicines have been taken, and if the patient has failed to keep up with a drug regimen; the home system can also determine how many doses are remaining and alert a pharmacy if the patient is running out of medicine. The GlowCap can be purchased for $99. [BusinessWire]


• Myvu is updating it's video eyewear line with the Myvu Crystal EV. The EV boasts a 64" equivalent screen (a 30% upgrade over the original Crystal) shown in full VGA. A new "glance down" feature allows users to see what's going on around them with a simple tilt of the head. In addition to the spec updates, the Crystal EV also has the distinction of being the first eyewear viewer with an Apple iPhone Certification and is a part of the Nokia Forum. You can start living your Geordi La Forge fantasy for $300. [PR Newswire]