Earlier today Sony announced a new short-throw digital projector that lies within a sleek credenza-like rectangle, and shines glorious 4K video against the wall it's up against. We got to feast our eyes on a demo at the Sony booth today. It's lovely.

The premise of Sony's Life Space UX concept is that you have various projection and display devices hidden around your living room, all shining pretty pictures on various surfaces—the ceiling, the kitchen table, the wall. Think sunsets in virtual windows (it's all very Back to the Future II).

Four components make up the Life Space UX schematic. You have an interactive table-top projection, a metallic wall-panel (also interactive), a ceiling projector, and at the center of it all, an amazing 4K wall projector capable of producing a 147-inch display from only a few inches from the wall.

While Sony's demonstration suggested pairing two projectors for optimal effect, it's hard to actually imagine a scenario where you would want all these projections littering your home outside of a novelty show-off kind of thing. That said, a lone Ultra Short-Throw 4K Projector seems like a great option for a high-end home theater. Aesthetically, it blended well with the room and looked like an unassuming piece of furniture that just happened to spit the most glorious of light shows upon the adjacent wall. I want.