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  • While the hoi polloi are ga-ga over cellphone music downloads in Japan, the wireless industry might not see the same effect stateside because our phones aren't as sophisticated and our networks aren't as fast. Also, Japanese consumers seem to be okay with paying almost 4 bucks per downloaded song; we know that won't fly here, where iTunes has conditioned our impressionable brains with the belief that tunes should cost no more 99 cents. [Wall St. Journal (reg)]
  • Flash memory is on a roll, but thanks to the iPod Nano, we're just beginning to notice. [USA Today]
  • Alright, we get it: people dig the iPod Nano. Even the packaging has us drooling like heavily-medicated insane asylum patients. Now stop publishing articles about it. [San Francisco Chronicle]
  • You say you want your eggs laser-etched with expiration dates and tracking numbers? Too bad-some company seems to think you do. [Boston Globe]
  • Keystroke logging programs are evil; when will the "security experts" become smarter than the thieves? [Los Angeles Times (reg)]
  • Chicago Tribune tries out Toshiba's Libretto, and after crowing that he actually knows the meaning of "Libretto", concludes the palmtop is not meant for 60-year-old eyes. [Chicago Tribune]
  • The NY Daily News gives some puppy love to Nintendo's Nintendogs game and says it's the DS' (groan alert) "killer yap." Ouch. The article also covers Skull Candy's subwoofer-enhanced game headphones, aptly named Skull Crushers. [Daily News]