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  • Despite critics' reservations, JetBlue has no plans to cut off its television feed during emergencies, even after passengers were able to watch Wednesday's near-disaster (involving a faulty landing mechanism) live on their individual seatback monitors. JetBlue currently has one of the in-flight entertainment setups, offering 36 DirectTV channels and, in the next few months, over 100 channels of XM Satellite radio. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Radio-controlled model plane fanatics call their hobby a sport, at least in the San Francisco Bay Area. The most advanced miniature aircraft reach altitudes of 6,000 feet and speeds of 272 mph, so who are we to argue? [San Francisco Chronicle]
  • The San Jose Mercury sums up the RIAA's latest salvo against file-sharing software makers with a metaphor involving a tube of goo ("squeeze here, file-shares will go there"). [San Jose Mercury]
  • High schoolers are increasingly using their cellphones for cheating while older, less tech-savvy teachers are increasingly finding it harder to police. [Sacramento Bee (reg.)]