• Palm + Microsoft is huge news, ergo many newspapers want to put their own stamp on the announcement and make it appear that they were privy to some unknown detail about the unholy alliance. Which they weren't.
    [NY Times (reg)]
    [San Francisco Chronicle]
    [Washington Post]
    [Seattle Times]
  • Another pairing for the Odd Couple file (Ashton and Demi picked the wrong week to get married): Warner Music and MTV team up to deliver mobile phone content. [Los Angeles Times (reg)]
  • Wal-Mart throws down the gauntlet in the digi-pic printing wars by dropping the price of a 4x6 to 15 cents (13 cents at the retailer's Sam's Club stores). This low, low price (always, natch) undercuts all other options, including Kodak Gallery (15 cents plus shipping), Snapfish (12 cents but at least 5 cents for shipping), and Costco (17 cents). Home inkjet printers continue to be the most expensive way to go: the article estimates it costs 24 cents to make a hard copy on your HP printer, and that's not even including the cost of the printer. [Wall St. Journal (reg)]
  • XM and Sirius are the latest targets of the RIAA bullies, who suspect that users are breaking copyright laws by recording and storing songs that they pull down from their sat radio devices. [NY Post (reg)]