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  • Nano-gate update: Apple owns up to the shoddy LCD screens they shoe-horned into their new iPods. The company's spinmasters are in full damage control mode, claiming the screen defect affects "less than one-tenth of 1%" of all iPod Nano's. [Wall St. Journal (reg.)]
  • Hotels are getting increasingly gadget-friendly, offering guests a growing buffet of delectable tech. USA Today writes about some of the more cutting-edge places, and unlike other articles you've read on the subject, the list goes beyond plasma TVs and iPod loaners. USAT names the really plugged-in rooms (e.g. Kimpton Hotel's "Chill Room" and the Tribecca Grand's "iSuite") where only true geeks dare travel. [USA Today]
  • Still warm and fuzzy from their pirate-proof flash memory announcement, SanDisk is teaming up with the Rolling Stones to issue The ageless rockers new album pre-recorded on a Gruvi-branded micro-SD card. We have no idea why anyone would pony up $39.95 for the novelty of listening to any band this way, but half-credit to SanDisk for trying something new. [San Francisco Chronicle]
  • M.I.T. engineers are designing a $100 wind-up laptop for educational use in Third World countries that lack electricity. Still in prototype phase, the inexpensive computers will run on flash memory and a CPU specially designed by AMD. To keep costs down, $30 "electronic ink" screens will be used in place of the more costly LCD screens found on conventional notebook PCs. [Boston Globe]
  • Golden, Colorado beaurocrats voted down a 730-foot "super tower", which pitted environment-friendly residents against their HDTV-loving neighbors. [Denver Post]