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  • Newsweek offers a glimpse of inventions and gadgets of the future, and profiles inventor Danny Hillis. The feature makes no mention of what we really want—personal jet packs—so we'll have to settle for mind chips and holographic displays. [Newsweek)]
  • More details on Google's plan to blanket San Francisco in a warm blanket of WiFi goodness: it would cost no more than $20 million, require 20-30 access points per square mile, and scare the beejesus out of traditional telecom companies. [San Francisco Chronicle]
  • Raise a glass to Moore's Law, which just turned 40 years old. [Los Angeles Times (reg)]
  • The San Jose Mercury has a story on Sony's Aibos and the owners who love them. The article focuses on the extreme Aibo fans (one couple owns 49 of them. That's about 100 grand worth of Aibos!) [San Jose Mercury]
  • The WSJ runs a page one story about Qatar's robot camel jockeys—the same ones that appeared on The Daily Show last March. Tomorrow, the Journal begins its three-part investigation of headlines from The Onion. [Wall St. Journal (reg)]