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  • In this week's Mossberg's Mailbox (my favorite part of Thursday), Walt takes a question from one of those disenchanted iPodders who thinks the Nano has a secret love affair with scratches. Turns out that Mossberg's personal Nano is dinged up more than Lindsay Lohan's car and he's now highly recommending you cover up your pretty gadget in a case. He also says Apple should own up to the problem and start including a case with all new Nanos. Maybe that's the "One More Thing" they're introducing next Wednesday?
    [Wall St. Journal (reg)]
  • No surprise that California will be well-represented at this weekend's robot race, the DARPA Grand Challenge, but the Sunshine State isn't the only hotbed of robotic activity. Four Virginia-based firms will also be rolling out 'bots, and they're in it to win it. [Washington Post]
  • Eminem's publishers are suing/shaking down five companies who are allegedly peddling unlicensed ringtones based on the Slim Shady's stylings. There are still tons of gray areas when it comes to ringtones and music copyrights so this issue isn't going away anytime soon. [Denver Post]
  • Thanks to sleazy identity thieves, paper shredders have become a must-have gadget. [Star-Tribune].
  • After buying the chain just two years ago, CompUSA decides to shut down Good Guys, who presumably joins the likes of Crazy Eddie and The Wiz in consumer electronics retailer heaven (or hell if you're ever been screwed by one of these big-box stores).
    [San Francisco Chronicle]