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  • Man-made diamonds, indistinguishable from nature's (or the one Christopher Reeve makes in Superman III), can radically improve gadgets in the future. At the very least, they'll make those diamond-encrusted iPod cases a lot cheaper. [USA Today]
  • Hackers unleash a Trojan horse onto PSPs running homebrew applications. Sony is saying: 'why didn't we think of that?" [Los Angeles Times (reg)]
  • DirectTV is spending $30 million to convince you that its DVR is better than TiVo's. At least until 2007, both services will be available to DirectTV subscribers, but since the company saves itself a buck for every customer who gives up the TiVo service (TiVo gets a $1.13 monthly residual for every subscriber through DirectTV), DirectTV is pulling out all the stops. [NY Times (reg)]
  • Level 3 and Cogent wage a stealthy battle of Internet titans. The little guy (mostly people using Time Warner Cable's Roadrunner service) probably doesn't understand what they're fighting about; all he knows is that he can't see his email or his favorite websites. [Wall St. Journal (reg)]
  • A Detroit Free Press writer rediscovers the venerable CB radio. Among the things he learns: truckers use CBs and WiFi, plus they'll most likely beat you up if you call them 'Good Buddy'. Those words have, um, a different meaning nowadays. [Detroit Free Press]