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  • Dartmouth researchers have created the world's teeniest robot (200 of them would fit on an M&M) while University of Pennsylvania scientists have developed a portable power plant for emergency workers and, more likely, commuters with way too many gadgets in their pockets.
    [New York Times (reg)]
    [New York Times (reg)]
  • Almost 16 years after Crazy Eddie crashed and burned (their prices were insane; their accountant was insanely creative), investors in the crooked consumer electronics chain will finally start to see checks resulting from all of the class action lawsuits.
    [Star Ledger]
  • Fingerprint-reading ATMs won't be appearing stateside anytime soon, but if you're anxious to see them in action, head south to Colombia. [Chicago Tribune]
  • Machinima (film production using videogame characters and scenery) is cheap, hip, and about to jump the shark now that everyone from Hollywood to Madison Avenue has noticed. [LA Times (reg)].
  • Gadgets have taken over Toy Industry Association's influential Hot Dozen holiday gift list. I still don't see the appeal of the iZ, but just between you and me, I wouldn't mind checking out that Pixel Chix toy.[Houston Chronicle].