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  • Not everyone is as giddy as a school girl over Apple's deal with Disney to sell TV shows via iTunes. ABC affiliate stations, apparently, didn't get advance notice from The Mouse, Advertisers and media buyers can't be too pleased either. You'd think Disney would at least give its affiliates the "I think we should see other people" speech. [USA Today]
  • Don't get too caught up with the new video iPod, says the San Francisco Chronicle. The most significant product Apple introduced yesterday was actually the new iMac. [San Francisco Chronicle]
  • Student demand to see Bill Gates speak on campus is crazy-high, so the University of Waterloo in Ontario holds an essay contest to choose who gets to go. [Globe and Mail].
  • A Baltimore Sun columnist advises readers when and how to say goodbye to your obsolete, dying computer. As Celine Dion would say, "Your heart will go on."
    [Baltimore Sun]
  • Most encouraging trend of the day: more and more hotels are nixing their Internet access charges for guests. [Wall St. Journal (reg)]
  • The NY Times rounds up the latest tablet PCs, which have found a niche in the health care and education industries. [New York Times]