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This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
  • Palm cuts a deal with RIM that will put Blackberry's email software on a version of the Treo 650. What has gotten Palm so amorous lately? First, they allow Microsoft's PocketPC OS to bespoil future Treos, and now they're in bed with RIM. Either they're in total desperation/survival mode or someone snuck a roofie in their drink while no one was looking. [WSJ (reg)]
  • Meanwhile, the Boston Globe gives some love back to Palm by showering the new TX PDA with a glowing review. [Boston Globe]
  • Bill Gates donates $15 million to the Computer History Museum, which should now turn around and use some of that coin to buy the massive collection of vintage PCs that went up on eBay last week (the auction's reserve price wasn't met so there's still hope). [San Francisco Chronicle]
  • The Washington Post reviews AMD's Personal Internet Communicator, which has been out since last year but just started selling at RadioShack. If the review's assessment of the barebones computer (and we mean bare: the thing doesn't even have a CD-Rom drive) is right, we're looking at the 21st century equivalent of the Colecovision ADAM because it costs about the same as an entry-level Windows XP-equipped PC. [Washington Post].
  • RFID technology continues to gain a foothold with manufacturers and retailers but those civil rights guys are slowing it down by doing the ol' invasion of privacy jig. [Seattle Times]

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