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  • A Detroit Free Press writer has a huge crush on Tablet PCs. So does Bill Gates. The two of them shared a moment.
    [Detroit Free Press]
  • Following the lead of Disney, Fox becomes the latest studio to get with the times and commit delivering its films to movie theaters digitally. The money-saving economics of going digital are finally beginning to sink into the heads of the bean-counters: new digital projectors and servers will cost a mint but studios won't have to pay $1,000 per print to get the flicks to theaters (something that hurts even more when that print happens to be for a movie like Deuce Bigalow 2). [WSJ (reg)]
  • Nintendo DS users will be able to play games over Wi-Fi in 7,000 McDonalds locations in the U.S. Nintendogs with fries—I'm lovin' it! [NY Times]
  • "Pr t- -porter" and "gadgets" are words you still don't expect to see together, yet increasingly-smaller portable electronics have found a permanent spot in the hearts of the fashion world. If you're a designer, how can you not love a $300 Louis Vuitton cell phone case? [Washington Post].
  • You know all of those ringtones, games, and wallpapers you download from your cell phone provider? Believe it or not, people have to play test each and every one of 'em. [Chicago Sun-Times]
  • Repetitive-stress injury, tendonitis, computer-vision syndrome, Blackberry thumb... How do gadgets cripple our frail bodies? Let us count the ways. [Union Tribune]

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