Gizmodo Ink

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  • WSJ tech columnist and his aide-de-camp Katie had only 24 hours to try out the new 5th-gen iPod (plenty of time, considering it s only supposed to run for 2 hours playing video) and, somewhat strangely, describe the player's video capability as a "kind of business or social experiment".
    [WSJ (reg)]
  • NY Times columnist David Pogue takes part in the afore-mentioned experiment and subsequently walks into a steel post while watching Lost on his iPod. [NY Times]
  • Yet another experiment: is learning more fun if you give a bunch of iPods to grammar school kids? I'm no scientist, but I'm going to guess "Hell, yeah" on this one. [Washington Post]
  • Life is swell for Motorola, which sold 6.5 million Razr phones in the third quarter. They even managed to convince 250,000 people to buy the Rokr. [Financial Times]
  • Consumers dig ringtones, but it's easy to forget how much: this article quotes Billboard's chart maestro, who says a best-selling ringtone typically sells more than 100,000 in any given week while no song download has ever sold over 80,000. [Detroit Free Press]

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