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  • Chicago's City Hall approves the purchase of several $100,000 unmanned robo-vans that snap digipics of speed limit-defying cars. The Windy City would need to issue over 1,100 $90 speeding tickets to pay for just one vehicle. Hey, you gotta spend money to make money, right? [Chicago Sun-Times]
  • The LA Times predicts a meteoric rise in the popularity of TV-on-the-go which, like fast food, can be devoured in short amounts of time and isn't particularly good for you, especially if you're watching Fox News excerpts on your cellphone. [LA Times (reg)]
  • Bell Mobility flips on the switch to its EV-DO network in Toronto and Montreal. Cellphone users have a number of decent 3G phones options, including the BlackBerry 7130e and Samsung a920, but are seeing the same good-but-not-kickass 400-700 kbps downloads speeds that their American counterparts are marginally enjoying.
    [Toronto Star]
  • In Maryland, Washington D.C., and parts of Virginia, Comcast begins a two-week amnesty program for cable TV pirates. Free-loaders can turn themselves in by calling 888-COMCAST or logging onto And if you're feeling really un-neighborly and fascist, you can even use that phone number and website to narc out your cable-stealing buddies. [Baltimore Sun]
  • NY Times tech columnist David Pogue, a vocal opponent of Sony camcorders' "pre-zoomed-in" problem, invites you to join his crusade against the diabolical oppressors of your wide-angle freedoms. [NY Times]

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