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  • It seems bit early for them to be dropping something like this, but the NY Times has a Very Special Circuits Section on the upcoming holiday gift-giving season. Destined to occupy's most-emailed articles list, the gaggle of write-ups include retailer predictions of what the hottest-selling devices will be, why you're starting to see $2,400 Vaio laptops at Wal-Mart, the best gadget-toys for kids, and my personal favorite, David Pogue's 10 Commandments to electronics manufacturers ("Thou shalt not entomb thy product in indestructible plastic"). [NY Times]
  • The WSJ examines the impact of the unholy alliance between Sprint Nextel and the cable TV cartel. [Wall St. Journal (reg)]
  • NY Times tech columnist David Pogue weighs in on the new BlackBerry 8700. Likes: sharp backlit screen, lighter weight/smaller dimensions, faster processor, and better phone features. Dislikes: shorter battery life than its predecessors, lack of multimedia features (no digicam, music, or video), and a somewhat unlikely — but possible — chance that NTP's pending lawsuit could shut down the whole BlackBerry service. [NY Times]
  • As the SEMA show (for all of you non-Fast and the Furious types out there, this is the big aftermarket car mod industry convention) winds down in Vegas, the Chicago Tribune has a civilized look at the numbers of ways you can pimp your ride minivan with wondrous mobile gadgets. The Wall St Journal also offers a few highlights from the SEMA show, including a very handy cellphone cupholder.
    [Chicago Tribune][Wall St. Journal (reg)]
  • It's November sweeps time on television, but thanks to new electronic "Local People Meters," the days of sensational, severely shameless evening news stories like "There's a food product in your fridge that might kill you, find out what it is...tonight at 11" may be numbered. [Philadelphia Inquirer (reg)]

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