Gizmodo Ink

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  • The biggest names in soft and hardcore porn are salivating at the chance to offer video iPodders for-pay downloads. Worry not, guardians of virtue and American decency: Penthouse recognizes the upscale nature of iPod owners and plans to offer "upscale smut" to these discerning customers.
    [NY Post (reg)]
  • Major media outlets begin to fan the flames of Xbox 360 shortages. According to a financial analyst, you're going to have to take "extreme measures" to get one. On November 22, please try and hold onto your dignity. [Detroit Free Press] [Wall St. Journal (reg)]
  • Space heaters will be (trying hard to avoid the pun) a hot item in demand this winter because of the stratospheric, nut-nut prices of oil and gas. Luckily, manufacturers have quite a few models in the pipeline that, at the very least, try to look hip and cool with curvy form factors and chrome accents. [Wall St. Journal (reg)]
  • Purchasing your gadget goodies online rather than from the brick n' mortar shops is the way to go, says Consumer Reports. [Boston Globe]

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