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  • Time Magazine's list of "Amazing Inventions of 2005" is out. Winners include mini turtle bots, Nike's MaxSight contact lenses, the AntWorks farm pictured here, the portable water-filtering LifeStraw, and something that will probably also occupy the "Amazing Ways to Unnecessarily Contribute to Our Landfills" list, the single-use disposable camcorder. [Time (reg)]
  • What is the next frontier for casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City? Compulsive gambers, allow me to introduce wireless, handheld gambling devices. 20 bucks says no one ends up liking them. [Seattle Times]
  • Over-protective parents will soon come to love KinderGuard, a company hawking RFID, GPS, and biometric sensors that can track intrepid kids. The real genius is that KinderGuard can hide these sensors by stitching them into school uniforms or embedding them in deceptively-cool watches or bracelets. The company also has a model for the fashionable inmate: a sensor that looks like the Arnold Schwarzenegger/Running Man exploding neck collar. [Boston Globe]
  • Aspiring Podcasters descend on Ontario (California, not Canada) for the first Portable Media Expo & Podcasting convention. Favorite topic: how to actually make money in the podcasting biz (besides, of course, holding a convention and charging $250 for conference program registration). [LA Times (reg)]
  • Podcasting's cool, but if you're looking to rake in the cash, the portable gadget accessory market sounds like the way to go. Just don't forget to put "i" in the front of your product name. [Chicago Tribune]

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