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  • The big kahuna of supercomputing industry conventions (now there's a niche), SC|05, is going on all week in Seattle. Formerly a haven for computer science nerds only, the annual gathering is a lot more mainstream (there was even a Bill Gates sighting on Tuesday). The must-have swag at the show? A Sun Microsystems "No, I will not fix your computer" t-shirt. [Seattle Times]
  • CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, UPN and the WB hold a rare joint press conference to inform advertisers that the DVR isn't death incarnate for conventional TV commercials. One of the tenuous linchpins of their argument: DVR users pay more attention to what's flashing on-screen, even if it's a commercial that's being fast-forwarded at 10 times normal speed, so if something catches their eye, they'll rewind back to see it. Right, that makes sense. I'm predicting no one today will bring up the fact that you can easily enable a 30-second jump on TiVos that can completely skip an entire commercial without seeing one frame of it. [WSJ (reg)]
  • WSJ tech maestro Walt Mossberg rattles off a list of his favorite tech blogs and doesn't mention the Giz. I guess that means I can rip on him for calling destinations like Digital Camera Resource and iLounge blogs, when they're really full-fledged websites that happen to have RSS feeds. I guess that means my favorite blog is the Wall St. Journal. [WSJ (reg)]
  • Still over a week 'til Black Friday, but if you haven't already mapped out your day of tech buying gluttony, you're not a "savvy shopper". [Detroit Free Press]
  • A USC student reviews the WiFi-rific Mario Kart DS for the school paper and absolutely loves it. If you're the kid's parents reading this, now you'll know why his GPA will dip this semester. Also, assuming he's playing online under the local Nintendo-McDonald's WiFi cloud, you'll also know why he's put on a few pounds. [The Daily Trojan].