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Have you heard the new Xbox comes out today? In honor of Launch Day, I give you an all-Xbox 360 edition of Ink. First, let's get the stuffy, business angle out of the way, courtesy of the Wall St. Journal. [WSJ (reg)]

  • I'm surprised to see so few articles about Microsoft's pagan Zero Hour launch in the Mojave Desert. The Merc's Dean Takahashi comes through for us though. Dean - drop us a line and tell us you made it back safely. [San Jose Mercury]
  • The Washington Post's review focuses on the 360's non-gaming, multimedia skills, but if you're wasting time using it for making video conference calls, someone's bound to beat you up. [Boston Globe]
  • The Post also profiles Xbox 360 hardware designer Jonathan Hayes, who's responsible for the console's curvaceous figure but doesn't play games himself. [Washington Post]
  • Up in Canada, Future Shop sold Xbox 360s at a Toronto nightclub. As if gamers needed more reason to go, Joanna Dark even showed up. [Toronto Star].
  • The Seattle Times gives special props to Xbox Live on the 360, but then again, judging from the writer's previous online gaming experiences (usually people just curse at him or say "Whoa!"), I'd say the bar was set pretty low. [Seattle Times].
  • The Denver Post takes the concept of up-selling to the extreme and whips up a $16,000 Xbox 360 dream system at Best Buy. Let's hope he kept the receipt.
    [Denver Post].
  • Three cheers for the dedicated gamers and the journalists who queued up at stores across the country last night to get their grubby paws on the new Xbox. Remember: you're all winners, even if Bill Gates didn't stop by your Best Buy and hand you the first unit. Check out the (non-Xbox division) Microsoft employee who plunked down a grand for his Xbox 360 system and accessories. Brown-noser! I bet he made sure Gates was watching before he swiped his credit card.[[Reuters]
  • Good news for the videogame industry: at least one of the people in line was a girl, according to the photo that ran in the Sac Bee. [Sacramento Bee (reg.)].
  • How much would you pay for someone's spot at or near the front of an Xbox 360 line? The going rate was $140 in Houston... [[Houston Chronicle]
  • ...or perhaps $200 in the Twin Cities, where one father desperately wanted to score a 360 for his son's birthday. [Star Tribune]

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