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  • Biggest CE bust of the last few years? DVD recorders, which have dropped to about 200 bucks on average, but are just too damn hard to operate. [WSJ (reg)]
  • A M.I.T. grad (and dot com kajillionaire) has a dream. A dream to bring Japan s high-tech electronic toilets to the U.S. but so far, Americans haven t taken the plunge. [USA Today]
  • Pretty much every imaginable consumer survey says that iPods, digicams, and other electronic goodies dominate our collective holiday wish lists. Don t worry about the workload, Santa: I m sure the Apple Stores have your back. [Chicago Sun-Times]
  • Another holiday season tradition is the U.S. Public Interest Research Group s warning about toys that choke, strangle, mangle, and deafen unsuspecting tots. Buy your kids the KidConnection Electronic Guitar (get em while you can at Wal-Mart), for example, and you ll be subjecting them to 117 decibels of eardrum-splitting fun. [San Jose Mercury]
  • Have a reason to perform 41 trillion calculations per second? Then get in touch with the University of Illinois National Center for Supercomputing Applications, because they re looking for new, practical ways to use their array of supercomputers.
    [Miami Herald].

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