Gizmodo Ink

  • You and I may think gift cards are ubiquitous enough but retailers aren't content with selling $55 billion worth this year. Up next: ones that are festooned with flashing lights, scratch-n-sniff patches, digital photos, and even computer chips that can play back music or short audio messages. [WSJ (reg)]
  • Consumer electronics marketers are wising up to the fact that while parents are the ones who pay the bills, it's their kids who often tell them what cell phones, PCs, and TVs to buy. [LA Times]
  • Is that digipic print-worthy? Probably, now that vicious competition between online photo-printing companies has brought the per-print price down to a dime. [USA Today]
  • After spending 40 hours of quality time with the Xbox 360, a NY Times writer declares that Microsoft has a hit on its hands. Overall, the review is a fair one, but I really wish the mass media would stop whining about the 360's "expensive" price tag when just over a month ago these same people didn't make price an issue when they were drooling over the video iPod, which costs exactly the same as the new Xbox and does a whole lot less. [NY Times]

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