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  • 8-year-old Lauren's Christmas list includes a cellphone, an iPod, a laptop computer, and no toys. Kids have become the same gadget-obsessed zombies as their adult counterparts, but, boo-hoo, they're often overwhelmed when trying to decide between an iPod nano and the video iPod. [WSJ (reg)]
  • Real estate agents can house-stalk with even greater tenaciousness, thanks to PDAs, blogs, and something called e-mail. [Boston Globe]
  • The Seattle Times recounts Nintendo's deliberate (but well worth the wait) adoption of WiFi gaming. [Seattle Times]
  • Pacemakers and defibrillators have also joined the wireless revolution and are now capable of communicating remotely with doctors' computers. [Chicago Tribune]
  • A Detroit Free Press columnist realizes resistance is futile and finally is okay with the cyborg chic-ness of his cellphone headset. [Detroit Free Press]

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