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Rumor and Speculation
Rumor: MacBooks in Colors?
Mobile Firm Xero: Zero Credibility?


USB Football Fan
Adesso Polaroid Guest Book Kit
DIY: Tic-Tac LED Flashlight
Consumerist's Mom Rips U.S. Pay-As-You-Go Services A New One
Lasers Burn Fat, Acne
DIY Fan LED Switch
Tomy LUMI PAD Pita Pica Message Board
Dot Matrix Watch for the Geekily Chic
OverLay Secret Privacy Film for Nintendo DS
Nokia 8800 Aston Martin Edition
Carlos Chihuahua Night Light
Flashbag Bloats When Full
Power User - The Best of Lifehacker
Samsung XM2go is a Go-Go, Officially
Microsoft Code Names Successor to Vista
Switch Back Handset Offers Teen-Popular Feature Set
Pod Cowboy iBass iPod Speaker
Playaway Audiobooks
TiVo and DirecTV Extend Agreement for Three More Years
Get a Free PocketDock
Fujitsu LifeBook P1510
Kate Moss Flogs Nikon S6
Twig Discovery: Not What You Think
Sony Announces VAIO RC300 Series with Blu-ray On Board
Sony Announces Type L VAIO Desktops
XSATA: Hard Drive Interface for 360
Apple On Da Plane, Boss
RIM Sees Red: China Unicom releases RedBerry
Give a Poor Boy a Break
TDK To Develop 200GB Blu-ray Disc
Build Your Own DVR on Lifehacker
BenQ Adds Players to Joybee Line
Cyloc Bicycle Storage
Toshiba Fish-Shaped MP3 Player

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