It's everyone's favorite time of year—the birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing, and PornHub has just released a big, ol' sticky mess of data about the country's porn habits. And the conclusion? The MILF is alive and well, Nevada is weirdly into adult film star Anita Queen, and anyone invested in the porn industry needn't worry—America says "yes" to porn.

Among the many interesting little tidbits, the fresh load of data makes us privy to each individual states' top three search terms as well as the—er, duration of an individual's visit to that particular corner of the internet. So, boys and girls, what did we learn?


Kentucky really, really likes to watch anime characters fornicate—a lot. Good for them! We just wish we could say the same for Rhode Island, who barely manages to clock in at a weak 10 minutes per session. We'd suggest imagining your grandmother and her friends running around naked, but given the nation's propensity for MILFs, perhaps best to move straight on down to great-grandmother.

But other than Wyoming's curious interest in dirty deeds done on the "brcc" or "backroom casting couch" and the fact that Utah is lying (to us and to themselves), the same classics that got off your father and your father's father before him still seem to be crowd favorites. You can check out the full set of data over at PornHub, here, and happy browsing. [PornHub]