Google Glass Hardware Just Got a Spec Bump

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Google has announced that Glass is getting a hardware update following its extended Explorer testing feedback—but current owners won't get upgraded.


Google has decided to double the RAM in Glass from 1 to 2GB, as well as giving it a slightly bigger battery. Google claims that Glass will now last 15 percent longer between charges, and that the extra RAM "will allow for more Glassware [apps] to run in parallel and for each Glassware to start more quickly."

The OS on the device will now include a voice-activated viewfinder and the new

Google Now cards for remembering your parking spot and tracking packages. There are also a slew of new apps for the device, too. Software tweaks will roll out to all users soon, while the hardware updates will be present in headsets sold from this date forward.

All of which is nice! But it also suggests that the prospect of Glass becoming a true consumer product is some way off, and unlikely to take center stage at the I/O keynote. Fow now, it looks like Glass will remain an expensive plaything. [Google via Verge]




I am glad I didn't spend $1,500 on the old model a few months ago!

I couldn't bring myself to spend that much - but I figured at that price Google would be doing something special for early adopters in the future, like 1-2 free hardware upgrades.