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Google Knows the Wi-Fi Passwords of All Android Users

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A new privacy fuss is kicking off around Google’s Android mobile OS, with security boffins claiming that the software’s backup tools mean that a copy of everyone’s Wi-Fi password history is now saved to Google’s servers. Which may mean it could be legally compelled to hand them out, should a government come calling.

The key issue is that Google’s not only storing passwords, but it’s doing so in a manner that means it can read them if it wants to, as illustrated by the way new Android devices can pull in all your old passwords and settings from its servers once you provide your phone with a Gmail address and password.


Which makes it easier for us to juggle two phones and three tablets, but might just mean our networks aren’t as safe from spying eyes, or illegal use, as we thought. [Computer World via Slashgear]


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