Google Now Is Finally As Good on iOS as Android

Google just pushed a major update to its search app that effectively makes Google Now as useful on iOS as it is on Android. That means iPhone users can finally enjoy all those cool features like Google notifications telling you who won the World Series and what time to leave your house to make that appointment.


It's a little bit creepy. But also cool!

Those in the know will be quick to point out that Google Now has been available for iOS for about six months now, but this is different. The full featured Google Now includes notifications and reminders as well as new cards for things like concert tickets and boarding passes. You can also just say "OK Google" to activate voice control when the app is open. (It's like Glass in your hands!)

All this brings Google Now for iOS up to the same level as the Android version—at least for in Jelly Bean. The equality might be short-lived since a KitKat update in a couple weeks is supposed to add some new features. And while things like being able to say "Ok Google" anywhere are going to be exclusive to the Nexus 5 for now, they'll probably roll out elsewhere eventually.

Privacy hawks, on the other hand, will note that Google Now gobbles up tons of data including information from third parties and location*. And hey, without that, how would Google know where you are and where you want to go? But then again, that's exactly what you're asking for. [TNW]

* Pro tip: Google Now will also turn on locations services all the time, so you might go into Settings and turn that off if you care at all about battery life.



Professor Dog

Do I have to go into the app all the time to use it though? I didn't care for it on iOS because it isn't seamless and integrated like on Android. But if it automatically works I'll be much happier. I think the reason it felt so seamless was because you just have to hold down the search button on Android.

Maybe I'm just lazy.