Google Wants to Fix Your Broke-Ass Wifi With Its Smart New Router

Google’s new vision for your home wireless network is called, appropriately enough, Google Wifi. Can Google make the most annoying thing about the internet disappear?

Google Wifi isn’t the company’s first foray into home connectivity. The new devices follow the simple and easy-to-use OnHub routers, which Google designed in collaboration with hardware manufacturers.


Here’s the exact specs from Google on the range of the Google Wifi hubs:

Google Wifi’s network assist feature will automatically switch your signal to the strongest hub. Google also says the feature will help avoid “wi-fi congestion.”

Google Wifi is modular, so you can place multiple units around your home to create a “mesh network,” which helps eliminate wi-fi dead spots. The system works much like what we’ve seen before with Eero.


The devices require a companion app that helps you get set up, and then later helps you control who can be online. You could, as Google suggests, cut your kids off the Wifi at dinner time. The app also allows you to see what devices are connected to your network.


Google Wifi will be available for preorder in November and ship in early December. A single unit will cost $129 dollars. You can get a three pack for $299.

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