Had a long week? Pull up a chair and unwind with a nice, ice-cold glass of the week's best stories. We've got some naturally sweetened next gen game console talk, low-cal Pinterest Porn, a side of celebrity-photoshopped Instagram pictures, all served with an icing of Google fixing the worst part of Android and AIDS-fighting supercomputers. Chow down!

Xbox One and Used Games: The Real Reason Everyone's So Mad

It's much easier to assign a bogeyman to explain away why you can't own something than it is to simply say you can't afford it. And this natural human tendency might explain why the backlash against Microsoft's reported treatment of Xbox One used games has become a moral imperative, instead of one about how goddamn expensive the platonic ideal of an Xbox One experience will be.


The FBI Ran a Child Porn Site for Two Whole Weeks

Last November, the FBI raided a bulletin board-style site that was known to be a home of child pornography. But rather than shutting it down, they decided to keep it running—and see just how many users they could identify.

SpeedForm: Under Armour Has Built a Bra For Your Feet

Dave Dombrow, Under Armour's senior creative director of footwear, is tucked away in a random conference room in Chelsea Piers. It's the second time we've spoken to each other but this time it's a little different. Dave isn't showing me what shoes the Baltimore-based sportswear company already has in the market. No, this time he's promised to show me something new, something the company hinted at back in February at the launch of Armour39, its performance heart rate monitor. It's a shoe, unlike any you've ever seen.


Here's Your Smart Lock of the Future, Today

In an ever increasing world of connected smart things, the most important home appliance, the front door lock, is just now getting automated. August, co-founded by Yves Behar and Jason Johnson, today announced the company's first product, a $200 lock aptly named Smart Lock. Now you never have to pull out your key or even your phone when your hands are full. You don't even need extra copies to dole out to friends and family.


Hilarious Guy Photoshops Celebrities into His Instagram Pictures

What do you Instagram? Food. Cupcakes. The beach. The beach with your sandy feet. Clouds. Dogs. Beer. Selfies. High heels. Forgotten Nights. TBTs. And maybe on some off chance, a blurry photo of a celebrity you saw on the street. Or on a magazine. Or in a movie. You're certainly not as hilarious as Peeje T.

10 Beautiful Minerals You Won't Believe Are Found on Earth

We've all seen our fair share of rocks, and most of them aren't that pretty. The ones that are though, can be totally mind-blowing. Ryoji Tanaka, a Japanese photographer and chemist, likes to capture some of the most striking elements, minerals, and compounds in close-up (like the Uranium-containing cuprosklodowskite you see above) and the results are crazy awesome.


How Google Is Finally Fixing Android's Deepest Flaw

You might not have noticed, but in the last two weeks Google has fixed the thing you hate most about Android.

Pinterest Embraces Its Porn Problem, Artistically

A little over a year ago, everybody started freaking out about Pinterest's new porn problem. "Officially, there is no porn on Pinterest," Business Insider's Jim Edwards declared at the time. "But there is porn on Pinterest, and it appears to be a growing problem." Oh noes! There's porn on the Internet?!


How a Supercomputer May Have Finally Unlocked a Way to Beat HIV

There's no easy answer for HIV; the sly virus uses our own immune cells to its advantage and mutates readily to shrug off round after round of anti-retrovirals. But thanks to the efforts researchers from the University of Illinois and some heavy-duty number crunching from one of the world's fastest petaflop supercomputers, we may be able to stop HIV right in its tracks.


6 Big PS4 Questions (And the Answers We're Hoping For)

While the nitty gritty details about Xbox One are all out in the open the PS4 is still largely a mystery despite technically bursting on to the scene months ago. Here are just a handful of the unanswered questions surrounding Sony's next-generation console—and how we hope and think they'll be answered.


Four Glamorous New Penn Station Designs (That We Shouldn't Build Yet)

This year, for the first time since it was built in 1968, Madison Square Garden’s operation permit is up for renewal. Which means that the fate of New York’s most-loathed transit clusterfuck, Penn Station, is also suddenly up for discussion. This week, four architecture firms presented sparkling, well-rendered concepts for the Penn Station of the future. But are they doomed to repeat history?